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The Show Was Fucking Intense

Feels Like July opened with an amazing set. Dan's vocals sent chills down my spine as every song was like a sing-a-long. Josh was amazing on the drums setting a pace for the band. The Mat&Matt Duo lead with quality guitar parts and Ryan's screams blew me off my feet. He even looked in my eyes and sang a melody to me during 41 Miles (how cute teehee). The opened up their set with Numbers Game which is fairly new it was very well preformed. The chanted chorus to 41 Miles had nearly everyone huddled around Dan and his mic. Everyone was filled with glee (funny word lol) when they played Heaven's Song Goodbye. They also played Wake Up which was the talk of the night. All in all the did a very great job. On half of myself and the fans we congradulate them in a job well done!!

Also on the night some band noone really knew who they were they kinda just showed up on a miscommunications type deal. They turned out pretty well. Don't really know what to say about them, but they were good.

Built To Burn was excellent. I had heard good things about them. I picked up a shirt and their 6 song demo at the merch table. I suggests hearing them if you have a chance. As well as Endway. For their first showing to me they were incredible and I was kept intruiged during the whole set. Definitely see them if you have a chance.

A Loss For Words, and yes I will use the corny line, I was at A Loss For Words when I saw them. I only heard the songs on Pure Volume and wasn't into them. When I saw them live it was a different story. The bands presence was incredible. Matt brought an arsenal with him that intensified the crowd. At the encore a police officer tried looking for trouble and ended up pulling Feels Like Ryan out of the front. He even marked his neck and slammed his head on the stair well. The same office punched Frank from VanBuren at the end out in the hallway. It was not nessacary.

All in all it was a great night and I think everyone had a blasted!

Tell me what you guys think. I want to see a shit load of posts!
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