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When Dan Speaks You Listen!

heyyy. Dan told me to update for him and these are his exact words:

"Hey Everbody. Dan Bristol here from FLJ. I just wanted to update you guys on a little bit of info on the band:

- There is NO show April 22nd at the Hanover Y with OST and Vanburen. Sorry if you heard wrong, but there is no show that day. No one booked it and after the last show at the YMCA, we're going to let a few things cool off.
- Well, FLJ is back writing again and we have 2 new songs. Unfortunately we're not going to be playing any shows soon so that we can really concentrate on writing. And by the way, the new stuff we have is a complete 180 from our previous stuff. It's no longer screamo-core, sorry if that disappoints you but we hope that you like our chill side.

So that's all for now. We MIGHT be recording April 17th, possibly Three Diamonds and an X Across the Eyes or one of the new songs. So long everyone, have a rockin' day.


Well, any further questions contact one of us. I'll be back later. Heavy Metal girls and boys!
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